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Freight Elevator for Sale

Freight Elevator for Sale

Fuji freight elevatoris a rail type freight elevator, which is widely used in warehouses, factories, plants, depots and other buildings to transport goods safely and efficiently between floors, individually or on pallets, crates and carts. It can work indoors and outdoors. Made of high quality steel construction, it can withstand harsh environments and continue to look good.

Freight elevators are also known as freight elevators, cargo elevators or mezzanine elevators. Hydraulic freight elevators provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to any floor in mezzanines, basements, garages and multi-story buildings for many requirements and applications, such as where pits cannot be excavated and in tight spaces where the top floor is inaccessible.

Technical expertise. In-house design.

Innovative material handling solutions.

Standard or custom heavy duty cargo lifts.

Installed indoors or outdoors in multi-level facilities.


Quality assurance and CE certification.

Safe and smooth lifting and lowering.

7x24 hours technical support and after-sales service.

Sturdy leaf chain and steel wire rope to ensure smooth operation.

PLC control system for safe and stable operation.

Customized service to provide you with better cargo handling solutions.

Cargo lift is an economical and practical low-floor cargo transportation equipment. According to the installation environment and usage requirements of a good elevator, we provide different models and optional configurations to achieve better usage results.

Freight Elevator for Sale

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