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Freight elevator for Factory Building

BDFUJI freight elevator is the optimal solution for easy vertical transportation of materials in multi-level storage and production facilities. Can offer a complete range of goods or freight elevators for different applications with capacity ranging from 1000 Kgs to 10000 Kgs.

Product Description

Product TypeFreight elevator with Machine Room
Product NameFreight elevator for Factory Workshop
Rated Capacity1000kg-10000kg
Rated Speed0.5m/s-1.0m/s
Door OpeningCenter Open /Side Open
Floor MaterialPVC or Marble
UPS System(ARD)/IC CardOptional and Customized
Scope of applicationFactory Building, Factory Workshop, Plant, Wharehouse

BDFUJI Freight elevator structure which adopts advanced door system to reach the maximum opening width. The lift truck adopts a large space design, which can easily accommodate a large amount of goods.

BDFUJI freight elevator Anti-slip pattern floor: The bottom of the entire engine room is made of non-slip checkered steel plates to prevent accidental displacement of the transported goods. This improves working conditions and ensures the safety of passengers, elevators and cargo.

BDFUJI freight elevator strong security: Safety gear and governor comply with outstanding international safety standards. The increased momentum of the brake ensures strong performance and ensures the safety of carrying large tonnages. BDFUJI freight elevator powerful host: The well-designed drive engine and corresponding frequency converter provide the highest drive power and motor torque life.

Freight elevator for Factory Building

Freight elevator for Factory Building