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Commercial Elevator Manufacturer

Commercial Elevator ManufacturerWhile Fuji excels in unusual custom elevators, we also specialize in standard products. We bring the same level of process and expertise to our standard commercial elevator business as we do to our custom elevator work.

We offer new commercial elevator installation, modernization, service and repair. Our mechanics can install, retrofit and maintain virtually any model or brand of elevator, from 2 stories to 80 stories, and we have a long history of taking over poorly maintained elevators, restoring them to proper function and significantly extending their service life.

Learn how Fuji goes above and beyond other elevator companies

Fuji offers high quality elevators along with professional installation and outstanding service services. Whether you need a new lift or elevator, or just want to inspect or repair your existing lift, we have the experience to get the job done. Contact us today and we can walk you through the process of implementing an elevator on your property and provide a completely free quote. Buying an elevator has never been easier!

We specialize in a variety of elevators for the commercial market, including but not limited to

Passenger Elevators 

Freight elevators 

Material Lifts 

Sidewalk Lifts 

Dock lifts 

Parking Machine

 Customized lifting solutions

Commercial Elevator Manufacturer

The perfect elevator for a range of new builds and renovations

Whether you are building or remodeling, we are the perfect choice for churches, temples, apartments, restaurants and low-rise office buildings. Our powerful, heavy-duty commercial Fuji elevators have much of the same construction and functionality as our high-rise elevators.

Fuji elevators are suitable for low-rise buildings consisting of two to four stories or a maximum travel of 25 feet (excluding pit depth). Fuji is ideal for existing buildings where space is limited.

Typical high-rise commercial elevators require more overhead space and two to three times the depth of the pit. In contrast, the Fuji is a small commercial elevator designed to save space and money, especially in terms of construction costs. When retrofitting an existing building, the Fuji elevator is easier. This is because larger commercial elevators typically have more upfront costs, especially in shaft construction.

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