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Hospital Elevator

BDFUJI hospital elevator is the best choice for meeting the needs of medical facilities. In the Emergency situations, we can supply continuous traffic for patients, doctors, nurses and visitors with BDFUJI bed elevator. Like transportation of bulky beds, wheelchairs and medical equipment, when we have this kind of normal challenges in hospital, it demands reliable and robust solutions everyday.

BDFUJI hospital elevator offer high safety, great functionality, excellent riding comfort and cost reduction by energy saving systems along with modern design.

BDFUJI hospital elevator also can offer different customized design to meet different requirements. And we can also increase more functions and facilities to ensure health environments and face emergency situations. 

BDFUJI hospital elevator features : · Advanced and safety controls · Efficient performance · Long functional life · Tough construction · Easy operations · Friendly user interface

Product Description

Hospital Elevator

Hospital elevators are specialized elevators that are designed to meet the needs of hospitals and other medical facilities. They typically have larger cabins and doors to accommodate patients on gurneys, and may also have additional features such as intercoms for communication with hospital staff and emergency power systems for use in case of power outages. They are also built to meet safety and accessibility codes specific to medical facilities.

In any hospital or healthcare facility, it is critical that elevators are running 24/7 so that patient care can be prioritized. With comprehensive service packages and an unwavering commitment to delivering reliable and durable products, our hospital elevators are designed to maximize uptime and ensure elevators are there when patients and healthcare providers need them. Additionally, our traffic simulation technology helps us manage the flow of people, saving time during peak hours.

Some common features of hospital elevators

Larger cabins and doors to accommodate patients on gurneys and medical equipment.

Intercom systems for communication with hospital staff.

Emergency power systems to ensure that the elevator can still operate in case of a power outage.

Handrails, grab bars and wheelchair ramps for accessibility and safety.

Non-skid flooring and non-reflective surfaces to reduce the risk of falls.

Specialized controls that allow hospital staff to easily operate the elevator and access different floors.

Call stations with Braille and audio announcements for visually impaired patients.

Stainless steel interiors for easy cleaning and sanitation.

Specialized lighting systems that are easy on the eyes of patients and staff.

Backup generator for power supply.

Please note that these features may vary depending on the specific hospital and elevator design.


Hospital elevators have a wide range of applications in medical facilities, such as:

Transporting patients: Hospital elevators are used to transport patients between different floors of the hospital, including the emergency room, operating rooms, and patient rooms.

Moving medical equipment: Hospital elevators are designed to accommodate medical equipment, such as gurneys and wheelchairs, making it easy to move patients and equipment between different areas of the hospital.

Accessibility: Hospital elevators are designed to meet accessibility codes and provide easy access for patients with mobility issues, such as wheelchair users.

Patient and staff safety: Hospital elevators are equipped with safety features such as emergency power systems, intercoms, and non-skid flooring to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

Emergency situations: In case of emergency, hospital elevators play a vital role in evacuation and movement of patients and equipment to a safe location.

Separate elevators for patients and staff: Many hospitals have separate elevators for patients and staff to maintain privacy and security.

Service elevators: Hospital elevators also provide service access to different floors for maintenance, repair, and delivery of goods and supplies.

Research and teaching: Hospital elevators are also used for teaching and research purposes in medical schools and research centers.

Bed Elevator for Patient/ Hospital Elevator


Product TypeBed Elevator with Machine Roomless(MRL)
Product NameBed Elevator for patient/Hospital
Rated Capacity1600kg-2000kg
Rated Speed1m/s-2.5m/s
Door OpeningCenter Open /Side Open
Floor MaterialPVC or Marble
UPS System(ARD)/IC CardOptional and Customized
Scope of applicationHospital Elevator Or Bed Elevator

Advantage In Technology

1. BDFUJI traction machine, cooperates with world-renowned brands,

High-end brand components enhance the quality image and escort safety.

2. The control system, developed jointly with Japan YASKAWA, has high

performance and the life of electrical components is up to 10 years;

3. For Door system, we are working with the TOP quality Door. We pay more attention on quality.

4. We have strict quality control management for the selection of component

products, and strive for excellence in each component.

5. In addition to the components, we also strictly require precise design in the production process, then do the model design, and finally in the production and quality control, we have strict system requirements to ensure that the on-site

construction is carried out, and the parts are delivered without errors.

Advantage In Installation Service

Our professional team will provide 24-hour technical support during the

elevator installation process. For the good operation of the elevator, escort.

Advantage In After-service

We offer 24months Warranty.

Also we will ship some spare parts within containers for your stock.

During the warranty period, if any part is damaged, we will send it by DHL in

first time.

Why choose us?

1. Famous Brand

FUJI is the top brand representing lift vehicles in the world. Suzhou BDFUJI

Elevator Co.,Ltd. has absorbed the Japanese Fuji control technology and

serial data communication technology, which makes the advantages of full

elevator function, high flexibility and fast speed, etc.,

2. Always highest quality and excellent team

Cooperate with the most famous component factories to ensure the quality of

the products. The team comes from KONE and OTIS, and has rich experience

in product design to ensure the high degree of matching of all components.

3. Always help our customers wining the market

We always put the interests of our customers first. Customers use our products

and win the market, which is our goal.

4. Service every clients carefully

High-quality sales service, and 24-hour technical support.

Bed Elevator for Patient/ Hospital Elevator

Bed Elevator for Patient/ Hospital Elevator

Bed Elevator for Patient/ Hospital Elevator