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4 Advantages of Passenger Elevators

Aug. 20, 2022

In this article, you will learn about the 4 main advantages of passenger elevators. Passenger elevators have a completely enclosed elevator car that runs vertically in a specially prepared elevator shaft. In this case, passengers are transported between floors at a reasonable speed.


It is a control system that distributes passengers throughout the building in the most economical way. Passenger elevators are very space efficient. They are primarily designed for installation in existing buildings. The building cannot be subjected to additional horizontal loads.


Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator

Here are some of the benefits of passenger elevators.


1. Higher efficiency and no noise

Passenger elevators offer greater efficiency. They are virtually noiseless and avoid any vibrations. Like hydraulic elevators, passenger elevators are capable of carrying heavy loads.


They are used to carry a minimum load of 320 kg (equal to approximately four people). They can carry maximum loads of up to 5000 kg, which makes passenger elevators more reliable and flexible.


In this person, rapid movement between floors at a speed of 0.6 meters per second is achieved.

 Passenger Elevator for Residential Building

 Passenger Elevator for Residential Building

2. Control of optimum flow

Passenger elevators are suitable for carrying passengers in shopping malls and shops. They have a large capacity for carrying heavy loads. They are very powerful and reliable.  


Passenger elevators offer a complete solution to vertical traffic problems in office and commercial buildings with optimum traffic management.


3. Easy to use

It goes without saying that the innovative engineering makes these elevators impressive. These passenger elevators are easy to use and reliable over the long term.


They have a gearless motor design and can be started 180 times per hour. They are also designed to carry heavy loads.

Customized Passenger Elevator with High Quality

Customized Passenger Elevator with High Quality


4. Best quality elevators

These elevators are designed and manufactured by teams with experience in the industry. Highly qualified and experienced professionals are working on them in the manufacture of passenger elevators.


These elevators include the finest quality certified raw materials. Passenger elevators are equipped with all the latest safety features and hence these elevators require hardly any maintenance.


These are the benefits of passenger elevators. When you want a cost-effective solution to improve ride quality and reliability. Passenger elevators are the best choice and a complete energy-saving system.


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Passenger Elevator for Building Safety

 Passenger Elevator for Building Safety


The difference between passenger and freight elevators

At present, there are very few pure freight elevators and a mix of passenger and freight elevators, but in reality, there is still a big difference between passenger and freight elevators.


Passenger elevators are elevators designed to transport passengers, with full safety measures and an attractive interior. A freight elevator is primarily an elevator for transporting goods while allowing for human company. There are complete safety measures and basic car interiors.


Externally, cargo elevators are mostly rectangular in shape and have more space than passenger elevators. The elevator doors are wider and usually have two side opening doors or four center dividing doors. To facilitate the transportation of goods and transport out, they are usually equipped with crash-resistant door covers, car crash wall panels, and floor crush-proof reinforcement; there are more types of passenger elevators. For aesthetic reasons, they add items such as decorations or mirrors inside the passenger elevator to better suit the aesthetics of the passengers.

Freight Elevator For Factory Building

 Freight Elevator For Factory Building

In terms of load and speed, passenger elevators generally serve shopping malls, residences, hotels, office buildings, and other settings. Depending on the passenger flow and floor height, passenger elevators with a load capacity of less than 1600kg, a number of passengers of less than 21, and a speed of less than 3m/s are usually available. A nameplate on the vehicle will indicate the load capacity and number of passengers. Customers can also choose different car finishes depending on their personal preferences and the decor of the matching building.


Freight elevators usually serve industrial plants. Depending on the height of the goods and the height of the plant, freight elevators with a load capacity of up to 5000 kg and a speed of 0.5m/s or 1.0m/s are usually used. Because freight elevators are mainly used for transporting goods, no passengers are allowed in principle except those accompanying the goods being transported, so the nameplate inside the vehicle usually only indicates the load weight and not the number of people. The interior of a goods elevator is usually only basic. In addition, the doorways are relatively wide in order to facilitate the entry and exit of goods. Sometimes, for more convenient transport of goods, freight elevators are also designed as elevators through doors.