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Why Do Elevators Need Maintenance?

Jul. 25, 2022

Experts estimate that there are nearly 1 million elevators in the United States, each serving an average of 20,000 people per year. Elevators not only help us get to our destinations faster-they make dense urban living possible, allowing for the efficient construction of high-rise buildings around the world. But if your property has a slow, damaged, or otherwise defective elevator, it can make your life much less efficient.


Elevator safety depends on two main issues.


Building/constructing the perfect elevator.

A consistent maintenance program.

A building or constructing a perfect elevator system is the first step to safety. It is well known that elevators are complete elevator systems that require a perfect design. This design should include all the necessary calculations, define all the requirements, all the subsystems and components of the elevator should comply with international standards, and finally, the installation of the elevator should be perfect with no room for error. In this way, we will have an impeccable elevator system that provides the first step to safety.


Then will begin the second step, which is a long-term one. Continuous maintenance. Today our topic will be about this step; maintenance. First, we will discuss the responsibility of elevator maintenance.

Panoramic Elevator with Square Cabin for Commercial

 Panoramic Elevator with Square Cabin for Commercial

Responsibility for Elevator Maintenance

The design and construction of elevator systems are very important, and competent companies can make this happen. For example, BDFUJI Elevator is one of the best elevator design firms with many years of experience. However, when the system is installed and delivered to the user for operation, the maintenance process begins. But who is responsible? Who will keep them running and safe? Most of the time this is complicated.


In most cases, and also according to regulations, all buildings have managers who manage the buildings. They are responsible for the various systems in the building. Competent and experienced companies provide regular maintenance services. The managers of the building contract with them and arrange the maintenance schedule.


While we're on the subject, elevator maintenance should be proactive. Just like there is a regular maintenance process for keeping a car or vehicle running, elevators should have these processes in place to keep them running. When you change old tires and car oil, you should also be changing the oil regularly. And it is the responsibility of the building manager or management to follow and provide consistent maintenance.


Long-term maintenance work

As we mentioned before, there are some strict regulations for the ongoing maintenance of elevators. "EN 81-80 Safety rules for the construction and installation of elevators. Existing Elevators. Safety Improvement Regulations for Existing Passenger and Freight Elevators" is the main benchmark document for elevator maintenance. The frequency of elevator maintenance is influenced by the


the age of the elevator.

the type of elevator.

the purpose and details of use, the

the operating area, the

the influence of weather conditions, the

the average daily load of the elevator, the

and many other factors.

Commercial Escalator 35° for Mall

Commercial Escalator 35° for Mall

The benefits of continuous maintenance come from nature. When technicians regularly inspect elevator systems, equipment, and components, they can identify problems and take the necessary action before they occur. Inspecting, lubricating, cleaning, and adjusting equipment are proactive measures to ensure that the system is working safely. This system is named preventive maintenance for elevators. The system may seem more expensive because you are not waiting for breakdowns to occur, but in the long run, you happen to prevent more serious problems and save more compared to the cost of major repairs.

How to maintain your elevator effectively?

At this point, the situation is about the quality of maintenance. Who does the maintenance? Most of the time, the building manager signs an annual (or possibly 5-year) contract with a maintenance company. These companies perform maintenance work on a regular basis. But management is rarely aware of the technical aspects of maintenance. If managers try to make the work as cheap as possible, the company may cheat them by charging money without taking the necessary action. Therefore, managers should be careful and find a company that is competent and expert to do the job.


The company should have an effective Maintenance Control Plan (MCP) for the elevator system. Most of the time, these MCPs are very general and difficult to follow. Managers should have the company prepare a detailed MCP and act on it. the MCP should determine the frequency and detail of the maintenance work. the MCP should also take into account the manufacturing company's plans and maintenance recommendations.


Finally, we can say that the owner or manager of the building is the owner of the elevator system. They should take the necessary actions to closely monitor the maintenance and modernization program and, if necessary, plan and provide for the safety of the system. The best way to achieve this goal is to find a professional and competent company to perform this operation.


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