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Customized Passenger Elevator with High Quality

BDFUJI passenger elevator, more optimized elevator structure, better elevator performance, more humane space design, infinite charm, quality shows business elite style.

Product Description

Product TypeCustomized Passenger Elevator
Product NameCustomized Passenger Elevator
Rated Capacity400kg-2000kg
Rated Speed1.0m/s-2.5m/s
Door OpeningCenter Open /Side Open
Floor MaterialPVC or Marble
UPS System(ARD)/IC CardOptional and Customized
Scope of applicationHome Elevator, Villa Elevator, Personal elevator, House Elevator,
Apartment elevator, Custom Elevator

BDFUJI Passenger Elevator Features

  1. Smart App SystemAs long as you download and install the APP on your mobile phone, you can perform operations such as remote elevator calls, and you can check the elevator operation status at any time on your mobile phone, which is convenient for people to travel and greatly saves waiting time.

  2. Various styles and multiple choices. The car wall not only has outstanding performance, but also has a variety of colors and appearances. With different car armrests, call boxes and other accessories, it is more beautiful and elegant.

  3. Remote Security Guard. The introduction of a remote monitoring Internet of Things system to achieve comprehensive coverage, detection and management of building elevators, eliminate hidden dangers in time before failures occur, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of after-sales service, and improve the safety level of elevators.

Customized Passenger Elevator with High Quality

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