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Customized Decoration Passenger Elevator with High Quality

BDFUJI Customized Decoration Passenger Elevator, BDFUJI high-end decorative elevator not only achieves the safety, reliability and stability of the elevator. It can also customize the decoration for the elevator interior of the customer according to the needs of the customer. Make users experience the beautiful and high-end elevator. The different styles of elevator inner walls and etching patterns, ceiling, floor materials make the elevator look different.

Product Description

Product TypeCustomized Decoration Passenger Elevator with High Quality
Product NameCustomized Decoration Passenger ElevatorFor Residential
Rated Capacity400kg-2000kg
Rated Speed1.0m/s-2.5m/s
Door OpeningCenter Open /Side Open
Floor MaterialPVC or Marble
UPS System(ARD)/IC CardOptional and Customized
Scope of applicationResidential Elevator, Office Elevator, Hotel Elevator, Apartment Elevator, Business Elevator, Building Elevator

BDFUJI Customized Decoration Passenger Elevator Features

With permanent magnet gearless machine, smart light, green, running power less than a microwave, no oil, no noise, which is with small machine room passenger elevator adopts the efficient and energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine that can save 40% of energy and cost, enchance linfe of traction machine, economize space of machine room, increase life of machine room, and its features of low-noise and non-pollution make our environment more clearn

Customized Decoration Passenger Elevator with High Quality

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