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Passenger Elevator for Hotel Clubhouse

MRL Passenger Elevator

Gearless machine with Inner rotor motor, our design can save more space for you.

Gearless machine will put on the guide rail. More easier to install, also lower demands on your building. 

The cabin can be larger 10%-20%.

If the temperature of Machine is higher than 90°, the cooling function will be automatically turned on. 

With the fan can not only effectively protect the normal operation, but also prolong the life of Machine.

Product Description

Hotel Passenger Elevators

The automatic passenger platform provides high quality performance and durability. High-quality materials used on the ladder, unique characteristics, durable perfect appearance and the latest technology. Manufactured under the guidance of a wealthy engineer, providing the safest and highest quality products. One of the biggest features of this product is low product quality, low product quality, and long production time. There are different sizes available for selection, and there is not enough customer demand.

A manual passenger elevator has been installed in the city hall. Safe and easy to use.

Various commercial passenger elevators are under construction. Adopting solid material production, having long-term quality assurance, and adopting the latest technology design to achieve the best performance. Borrow this small function, the best design Wako smooth face with equipment. The baseboard is a layer-compressed board with a fixed internal load and a fixed suction force.

The hotel is equipped with a passenger elevator. We use the best materials for our customers, so that we can provide our customers with a safe and luxurious experience. Engineers are equipped with safety equipment to ensure their safety. Based on consumer demand calculation system, its design, capacity and decoration. Equipped with the best arrangement and communication system, equipped with enhanced safety mode, it can be used for any emergency situation.


Safe and Stable Hotel Commercial Passenger Elevator

carefree performance

longer service life

easy to use

Simple installation: shallow pit, no construction well, maximum well utilization.

The main power supply 220v is perfectly matched.

If no one uses the elevator within 15 minutes, the lights in the car will automatically go out. It greatly saves your electricity bill at home.

Low noise and vibration: The frequency conversion operation mode makes the elevator run and stop extremely quiet and stable.

External intercom: When the elevator fails to open, passengers can contact the community monitoring room through the intercom in the car.


· 2-8 elevator group control

· Independently serve passengers

· Automatic leveling during power failure

· Firefighter operation

· Fire alarm automatically returns to the base station

·Open the door automatically return & close blocked

· Anti-prank function

· Collective control operations

· Delayed shutdown operation

· Waiter operation

Centralized control of lights and fans


Product TypePassenger Elevator without Machine Room(MRL)
Product NamePassenger Elevator for Hotel Clubhouse
Rated Capacity400kg-2000kg
Rated Speed1.0-2.5m/s
Door OpeningCenter Open /Side Open
Floor MaterialPVC or Marble
UPS System(ARD)/IC CardOptional and Customized
Scope of applicationResidential Elevator, Office Elevator, Hotel Elevator, Apartment Elevator, Business Elevator, Building Elevator

Passenger Elevator for Hotel Clubhouse

Passenger Elevator for Hotel Clubhouse

Passenger Elevator for Hotel Clubhouse

Passenger Elevator for Residential