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Fermator Door Supplier

Product Description

Elevator Door Supplier

Globally, FUJI is known for the quality design and manufacture of professional elevators and elevator entry doors. Not only are we known for our build quality, but more importantly, all of our customers are known for their product longevity.

Although we now live in the high-tech, high-capacity world of elevator products, we have maintained a pragmatic approach to meeting the solid, traditional engineering requirements necessary for high-use environments with elevator entry doors.

Elevator Door 

An elevator door is a mechanical component that is an integral part of an elevator system. The elevator door is responsible for opening and closing to allow passengers to enter and exit the elevator car. The door consists of two panels that slide open and close horizontally, or in some cases, vertically.

In modern elevator systems, the door is operated by an electric motor that is controlled by a computerized control system. When the elevator car reaches a floor and stops, the control system signals the door to open. Sensors in the door track ensure that the door does not close on anyone or anything in its path.

In addition to providing access to the elevator car, the elevator door also helps to maintain a safe environment inside the elevator shaft. When the elevator car is not at a particular floor, the door helps to prevent access to the shaft, thus preventing accidents.

Elevator doors come in a variety of designs and materials, depending on the type of building and the style of the elevator. Some elevators have glass doors for a modern, sleek look, while others have ornate metal doors for a more traditional appearance. Whatever the design, the elevator door is an essential component of an elevator system, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of passengers.


Safety: Elevator doors are designed with safety in mind, preventing access to the elevator shaft when the elevator car is not present and ensuring that the doors do not close on anyone or anything in their path.

Energy efficiency: Modern elevator doors are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing the amount of energy needed to power the elevator and helping to lower energy costs.

Aesthetic appeal: Elevator doors can be designed to match the style and decor of the building, providing an attractive and cohesive look.

Durability: Elevator doors are typically made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use and last for many years.

Fermator Door Supplier


Commercial buildings: Elevator doors are commonly used in commercial buildings such as office buildings, hotels, and shopping centers to provide access to multiple floors.

Residential buildings: Elevator doors are also commonly used in residential buildings, particularly high-rise apartments and condominiums.

Healthcare facilities: Elevator doors are essential in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, where safe and efficient vertical transportation is critical.

Industrial facilities: Elevator doors are used in industrial facilities such as warehouses and manufacturing plants to provide safe and efficient transportation of goods and equipment.


Product NameFermator Door Supplier 
Opening TypeLeft/ Center/ Right
Opening Size600mm-1000mm
SpecificationComplete Landing Door 
Door Panel MaterialPowder Painted/ 304 Stainless Steel/ Glass 
Original P/NFermator Door/ Made in China