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Customized Home Elevator with High Quality

BDFUJI Villa Elevator. More than ten years have created noble and extraordinary, ingenious design, with three advantages of safety ecosystem, intelligent system, and elegant life experience, which perfectly integrates wisdom and safety, bringing you a warm family space and endless elevator enjoyment.

Product Description

Product TypeCustomized Home Elevator with High Quality
Product NameHome Elevator for Villa
Rated Capacity200kg-400kg
Rated Speed0.4m/s
Door OpeningCenter Open /Side Open
Floor MaterialPVC or Marble
UPS System(ARD)/IC CardOptional and Customized
Scope of applicationHome Elevator, Villa Elevator, Personal elevator, House Elevator,
Apartment elevator, Custom Elevator

BDFUJI Villa Elevator Features

  1. Private mobile phone conversations: The elevator has a good sound insulation function. When people answering the phone in the elevator, they do not have to worry about being heard by people outside the elevator, which fully guarantees privacy and safety.

  2. Smart home access: You can remotely switch household appliances with one button. When it's hot, you can turn on the air conditioner in advance; if you forget to turn off the lights when you go out, you can click to close in the elevator... A smarter ride experience makes life more convenient.

  3. Data cloud repair: All fault information is automatically uploaded to the data cloud platform, and automatic repair can be achieved for small-scale data errors; more serious problems will automatically alarm, notify maintenance or property personnel, and give maintenance suggestions.

  4. Automatic identification call: The elevator is equipped with face recognition, fingerprint recognition, two-dimensional code call, mobile phone call and other call modes, which can quickly determine the identity of the caller, highly anti-counterfeiting, easy to use, accurate and safe .

Customized Home Elevator with High Quality

Home Elevator for Villa