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320kg Small Elevator for Villa

BDFUJI Home Elevator. More than ten years have created noble and extraordinary, ingenious design, with three advantages of safety ecosystem, intelligent IoT system, and elegant life experience, which perfectly integrates wisdom and safety, bringing you a warm family space and endless elevator enjoyment.

Product Description

Product Type320kg Small Elevator for Villa
Product NameHome Elevator for Villa
Rated Capacity200kg-400kg
Rated Speed0.4m/s
Door OpeningCenter Open /Side Open
Floor MaterialPVC or Marble
UPS System(ARD)/IC CardOptional and Customized
Scope of applicationHome Elevator, Villa Elevator, Personal elevator, House Elevator,
Apartment elevator, Custom Elevator

BDFUJI Villa Elevator Features

  1. Adopt a secure ecosystem. Using the mechanical and electrical interlocking device, the elevator electrical system sends out precise commands, and the corresponding mechanical device responds quickly to the commands, two-way linkage, safe and worry-free.

  2. The design of flat composite steel belt improves the traction friction. The urethane cladding of the steel belt effectively reduces friction loss and does not require additional lubrication. It is more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and durable than traditional steel wire ropes.

  3. Each elevator is equipped with a self-detection device, which can detect the elevator speed, door opening and closing status, traction machine temperature, brake force, contactor, etc. These devices can feedback the detected data to the data cloud service platform, Prevent accidents by warning before components may fail.

  4. Dual power supply design, when the power supply system fails and the common power supply is disabled, the backup power supply will automatically start, so that the elevator can still run normally, ensuring the safety and convenience of passengers.

320kg Small Elevator for Villa

Home Elevator for Villa