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Freight Elevator VS Passenger Elevators: Which One to Choose?

Oct. 13, 2022

At present, there are very few pure freight elevators, which are mixed use of passenger and cargo, but in fact, passenger elevators and freight elevators are still very different.


A passenger elevator refers to an elevator designed for transporting passengers, with complete safety measures and beautiful interior decoration. Cargo elevators are mainly elevators for transporting goods while allowing people to accompany them. There are perfect safety measures and basic car interior decoration.


From the perspective of the load and speed of elevators, passenger elevators generally serve shopping malls, residences, hotels, office buildings, and other occasions. According to different passenger flows and floor heights, the load is usually less than 1600kg, the number of passengers is less than 21, and the speed is less than 3m /s per passenger elevator. The nameplate in the car will indicate the load and the number of people. Customers can also choose different car decorations according to their personal preferences and the decoration style of the supporting building. Cargo elevators generally serve industrial plants.

Freight Elevator For Factory Building

 Freight Elevator For Factory Building


Depending on the height of the cargo and the height of the plant, cargo elevators with a load of less than 5000kg and a speed of 0.5m/s or 1.0m/s are usually selected. Because freight elevators are mainly used to transport goods, except for the accompanying persons who transport the goods, in principle, passengers are not allowed, so the nameplate in the car generally only indicates the load and not the number of people. The interior decoration of the freight elevator is usually only the basic decoration. In addition, in order to facilitate the entry and exit of cargo, the width of the door opening is relatively larger. Sometimes, for more convenient transportation of cargo, the freight elevator will also choose the elevator design that passes through the door.


Key factors in passenger lift selection

The type of passenger lift required for a busy shopping center is very different from the type of passenger lift required to handle vertical traffic in a residential tower. Even if the dimensions and load capacities are identical, the particular combination of features, machinery, and equipment depends on the specific requirements of each project and produces very different solutions.


Any professional working on a project involving the installation of one or more passenger lifts must first analyse the various factors that are critical to a successful outcome.

Customized Passenger Elevator with High Quality

Customized Passenger Elevator with High Quality


What type of building are we dealing with? Does an apartment building need a fast, quiet and efficient lift system? A public building that needs more durable lifts to cope with heavier passenger traffic and the wear and tear that comes with it? A factory that needs to be equipped with freight elevators?

How many lifts are needed to handle the traffic flow of a particular building?

How much lift speed and load capacity is required to effectively handle the vertical traffic in a building?

Which specific technology is best suited to the requirements of a particular project?

Using the knowledge and experience of the companies that actually design and build lift systems is the best way to ensure that good and accurate advice is obtained on the design of the lifts that will eventually be manufactured and installed on the job. Our engineering department's project studies include a detailed assessment of the following factors.

Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator


The specific requirements of the project

Number of stops

Floor spacing

expected passenger flow

Required passenger capacity of the lift cars

Number of residents

Estimated lift waiting and travel times.

The final selection of the most suitable passenger lift system for a building will depend on determining the specific type of lift required for the building and the number of lifts required to effectively transport the total number of building occupants, whilst minimizing passenger waiting times and ensuring that the system is equipped with all the necessary features to best address the specific vertical transportation requirements of the building in question.


At BDFUJI Elevator, we take great care to ensure that our clients and their consultants stay within their budgets, complete their work on time and maintain the highest possible quality standards. It, therefore, makes sense for us to be closely involved in the planning stage of the lift in order to provide the most fit-for-purpose solution for the completed project.