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How often Should a Passenger Lift Be Inspected?

Jan. 06, 2023

Regular maintenance of your passenger elevator is essential to keep it in top condition, but many homeowners are unsure of how often it should be done. Read on to find out how often passenger elevators should be serviced.


Most elevator companies recommend that elevators such as passenger elevators are serviced every 12 months to ensure that your elevator remains safe, reliable, and efficient. This service usually includes a visual inspection as well as testing the operational functions, door safety mechanisms, and drive systems of the elevator.

Types of lift services

Generally speaking, lift maintenance falls into three categories: preventive maintenance, reactive maintenance, and lift overhaul.

 Passenger Elevator for Residential Building

 Passenger Elevator for Residential Building

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is exactly what the name suggests - taking steps to avoid problems before they arise or escalate. This includes ensuring that your lift's safety mechanisms are in good working order, keeping up with the regular oiling of lift machinery, and keeping a close eye on lift inspections as part of your lift service.

Reactive care

Reactive care involves repairing lifts after they have developed problems or abnormalities due to a lack of maintenance. This may include replacing faulty parts and performing any necessary repairs that would not be required in the case of preventive care. 

Lift overhaul

The final type of lift service lifts overhaul, which occurs when a lift reaches the end of its useful life or when other types of service are not sufficient to solve the mechanical problems with the lift. Sometimes this can lead to the purchase of a new lift altogether, depending on the severity of the damage.

Home Elevator for Villa

Home Elevator for Villa

It is important to note that lift services include more than just the lift itself. The drive system that controls how the lift moves up and down the shaft (the space between floors) should also be serviced regularly, as it can cause problems if this aspect of the lift is neglected for too long. Inspection of cables, pulleys, and other lift hardware should also be included in the lift service.

Why is lift maintenance important?

Lifts are often a key part of a property as they are vital for accessibility, allowing people to live and work in multi-story buildings and can help people get to their destinations faster. If your lift is slow, broken or poorly maintained, it can easily be noticed by visitors and in the worst-case scenario, a poorly maintained lift can even injure users if it falls or traps people inside. This is why lift maintenance is vital, enabling technicians to identify and fix problems such as faulty lights, poor ride quality, and door issues. In short, a properly maintained lift is more reliable, and faster and provides a better all-around experience for the user.

Having your lift serviced is a legal requirement, as well as ensuring that your lift operates safely and efficiently. Regular maintenance can also reduce costs in the long run by reducing the likelihood of unexpected replacements or repairs and extending the life of your lift. Failure to do so could result in you suffering significant losses due to inaccessibility or safety, both of which could even prompt a costly compensation claim against your business.